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Authentication (eduroam)

Instant wireless access at participating institutions.

UVM is a participating member of the eduroam federation. Eduroam is a global distributed network access system developed to create a ubiquitous wireless network at all participating providers. This allows any UVM affiliate to travel to a participating eduroam institution and have access to that institution's wireless network using their UVM credentials, while also protecting those credentials and ensuring their safety. Similarly it allows any affiliate of an eduroam participator to use their credentials at UVM to securely access wireless networking resources.


  • Access to resources at any participating institution via federated authentication.

Get Started

All EduRoam participating institutions offer the wireless network name eduroam (aka SSID). As a result one can connect to this network and use the same username/password at any institution that participates in EduRoam.

If you have a valid account with an EduRoam member you would connect to the eduroam network and enter your fully-qualified username and password. For UVM affiliates this is, so if Myron Kapoodle's NetID is kapoodle they would use the username and their NetID password to login to the eduroam network. If you are not a UVM affiliate or are unsure if your home institution participates in EduRoam, please contact your institution's IT department for clarification.

UVM affiliates planning to travel to an EduRoam participator should setup their system to connect to the eduroam wireless network at UVM prior to their departure. This is to ensure basic connection functionality before the user leaves campus. Once your laptop has been configured to connect to the eduroam network it should connect automatically if available once you reach your destination.

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  • Current Students, Faculty, and Staff


  • A device that supports 802.1X authentication
  • Valid UVM NetID
  • Presence at a location that participates in the EduRoam network


  • Identity and Account Management (IAM)


  • No additional charge

Help and FAQs

The following reources are available for receiving support for this service.