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Directory Service (LDAP)

The UVM Directory service is a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server which is populated daily from multiple Systems of Record (SOR) through a complex set of business rules and data matching algorithms. It is the service behind the UVM Directory application.

The directory is updated daily from Human Resources with the list of active employees; updated daily from the Registrar's office with the list of current, future, and past students; monthly from Human Resources with the list of retired employees.  All people included in these three Systems of Record are merged using complex data matching algorithms that are geared to produce false negatives instead of false positives.  Complex business rules determine the primary UVM affiliation or role of individuals who are in multiple System of Record input lists.

How much information is displayed in the UVM Directory about an individual depends on how much privacy has been requested by the individual with the System of Record that is determined to be the individual's primary role at UVM.

You can change esoteric information about yourself via the UVM Directory Self-Update application. Most of the information in the directory is directly from the primary System of Record and must be changed with either Human Resources (via the PeopleSoft web application) or with the Registrar's Office (via a paper form or Banner Online).

Daily feeds from the UVM Directory to multiple campus administrative functions do exist, and others can be created as required.  No data is released via these feeds without the approval of the department (the System of Record data steward) that is considered to own the data.


  • Every UVM Affiliate has a single Directory entry.
  • When a matching failure results in two entries for the same person, we merge those into a single entry.
  • Daily data feeds for UVM administrative requirements are possible.

Get Started

Contact Systems Architecture and Administration (SAA) about creating a daily administrative data feed from the UVM Directory.



  • All UVM affiliates


  • A valid UVM NetID for self-update


  • Systems Architecture and Administration (SAA) runs the UVM Directory server.
  • Identity and Account Management (IAM) deals with the management of the information.


  • No additional charge

Help and FAQs

The following reources are available for receiving support for this service.

UVM TechTeam

Systems Architecture and Administration