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Imaging and Deployment

Imaging refers to creating a computer baseline configuration, usually including an operating system, preinstalled software and configurations.

Deployment refers to the means and methods of applying that baseline to a device.

ETS provides both of these services for Windows and Mac computers.

New computers purchased through the UVM Bookstore will be prepared by ETS Client Services with a standard UVM configuration.

  • UVM-owned Windows computers for use on the CAMPUS Active Directory domain are imaged with the latest Windows Enterprise edition, drivers for the model specific hardware, and software management agents.
  • UVM-owned Mac computers will be brought up to date with the current version of macOS available from Apple and also include preinstalled popular software, as well as software management agents.
  • Personally-owned computers are also prepared with similar operating systems and software, but without the management agents that are present for devices owned by the institution.

Computers brought into the Computer Clinic may also undergo this process to repair a corrupted operating system, reinstall software to a replacement internal disk, or otherwise reset a computer to its default state.


  • Automatic software updates & patches
  • Network-based deployment workflows
  • Integration with other centralized computer services, such as disk encryption and policy management

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  • SCCM
  • MDT Light Touch

For IT Professionals

Custom imaging and deployment workflows can be made available for specialized use cases, such as computer labs, kiosks, shared workstations, or general fleet customization.



  • Faculty and Staff


  • A valid UVM NetID
  • USB Flash Drive, 8GiB or greater preferred. 


  • TechTeam
  • SAA


  • No additional charge

Help and FAQs

The following reources are available for receiving support for this service.

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