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Issue Tracking (Footprints)

The University of Vermont uses BMC Footprints Service Desk Automation to allow IT and other UVM professionals to track support issues. While Footprints is most useful as an IT tracking product it can be modified to track contact with customers and manage certain tasks.

Footprints allows approved users (agents) to prioritize the IT and Customer Support issues that matter, and leave the routine tasks of updates and history to the FootPrints software. While Footprints was designed as an IT support issue tracking system, other departments are also using the product to track many types of issues such as contracts and inventory. 


  • Issue Tracking
  • Continuous customer contact
  • Easy Workflow & Field design
  • User customizable homepage
  • Easily created and customizable reports

Get Started

As with most web-based products, the design is key. You will want to have a clear flowchart of how you want your data collection to look and what type of metrics you will want to collect in the long run. While the design can be changed at any time, historical data collection becomes more difficult when the design of fields changes. You will want to have a clear flowchart of the fields and data you want to collect as well as the type of fields that you want to use (e.g. Drop-down list boxes, text fields, radio buttons). 

Learn More

To learn more contact ETS Client Services or view the BMC footprints webpage.


For IT Professionals

The University currently uses version 11 of the product. We hope to migrate to version 12 of the product in the future.



  • Current Faculty, Staff, and authorized Students.


  • A valid UVM NetID is required to access Footprints.
  • Authorization as an Agent or Administrator will be needed to manage your workspace. 



If you are interested in utilizing an instance of BMC Footprints, feel free to contact Roxanne Bombardier at 802-656-7744.

Support tiers are:

  1. Help Line
  2. Roxy Bombardier
  3. Frank Swasey 


  • Free of charge within the limits of the UVM Footprints site license. 

Help and FAQs

The following reources are available for receiving support for this service.

BMC footprints Documentation