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Shared Folders

Shared folders provide convenient, reliable, and secure storage for departmental file data.

Shared folders provide secure network storage for departmental file data accessible from any modern workstation. We present these shared folders as subfolders of a common network location — sometimes called the "Shared Drive". We can configure folder access to meet most security requirements using Active Directory security groups. Shared folders can easily accommodate the quantity of data from a typical department's operations. Particularly high-volume needs may need to be supplied by a different service.


  • Take advantage of fast, reliable, enterprise-class disk storage.
  • Access your department's files from any workstation on the campus network, or from off site using the AnyConnect VPN client.
  • Recover your own files with the Previous Versions (on Windows workstations)
  • Control access to different collections of files using Active Directory security groups

Get Started

Workstations joined to the CAMPUS Active Directory domain will present this location using the S: drive. To connect from other workstations, see the Accessing Network Folders KB article.

To request a new departmental shared folder, please contact the UVM Tech Team.

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For IT Professionals

This ancient doc about Previous Versions needs an updated KB article.



  • Current Faculty and Staff
  • Access must be requested for new or transferring faculty and staff


  • Valid NetID
  • A laptop or desktop on the campus network or on a VPN connection from outside the campus network
    • From a Mac you will need to connect to the server via Finder
  • Appropriate security access granted by folder owner


  • ETS Client Services
  • Systems Architecture and Administration (SAA)


  • No additional charge

Help and FAQs

The following reources are available for receiving support for this service.