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Vermont Advanced Computing Core (VACC)

The Vermont Advanced Computing Core (VACC) is a high performance computing (HPC) core sponsored by the Office of the VP for Research and ETS. 

The VACC provides researchers access to three HPC clusters — BlackDiamond, Bluemoon, and DeepGreen — which support large-scale computation, low-latency networking for MPI workloads, and high-throughput AI and machine learning workflows.

The VACC also provides various data storage plans to meet the needs of researchers and faculty, as well as onboarding for those new to HPC, assistance with HPC in the classroom, and programming support.


  • large-scale GPFS ("Spectrum Scale") parallel clustered filesystem
  • Flash acceleration for metadata and newly written files
  • Thousands of compute cores
  • Large memory nodes
  • GPU compute resources
  • Low-latency Infiniband for MPI or other types of IPC
  • Container support via Singularity

Get Started

Visit  Primary Investigators (PIs) may apply for a VACC account, and then sponsor other users (faculty, staff, or students).

Learn More


User documentation is available at

For IT Professionals

Write to for assistance if you are helping a researcher who is trying to run a model that is too large or takes too long to run on their laptop.  HPC may be the solution.



  • Primary Investigators (PIs) at UVM
  • Current students, faculty, and staff who are sponsored by a PI


  • A valid UVM NetID



The VACC is supported by a tiered, pay-per-use policy. VACC account holders join one of three tiers on a yearly basis. For more information, see:

Help and FAQs

The following reources are available for receiving support for this service.