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Web Hosting (Silk)

The silk web hosting service allows people to create and share web sites written with many popular programming languages and frameworks.

Silk is the preferred web hosting option for most UVM affiliates, providing a flexible space to publish many types of web applications.  Silk is a good home for usage ranging from dabbling with your first interactive web page, to providing a university-wide service, serving both static files and dynamic content in your choice of programming language and version.


  • Web applications can be written in Node.js, Perl, PHP, Python, or Ruby.
  • Command-line applications can additionally be written in Java or R.
  • Some programming languages are available in a choice of release versions.
  • Use a framework of your choice.
  • Site owners can install additional modules for the programming language(s) you use.
  • Each site has its own hostname, and people can have multiple sites.
  • Sites needing databases can use the WebDB MySQL service.

Get Started

If you would like a silk account, please contact Systems Architecture & Administration, who will set it up for you.  The user manual then describes how you can log into your new site to publish content and change its settings.



  • Current Students, Faculty, and Staff


  • A valid UVM NetID is required to create and manage an account.


  • People are responsible for maintaining their own web site content, including security updates for applications and frameworks such as Drupal or WordPress.
  • Setup and connection assistance can be provided through the Tech Team.
  • Further support for couplex needs is provided by Systems Architecture & Administration.


  • No additional charge for the base quota of 20GiB.

Help and FAQs

The following reources are available for receiving support for this service.