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An Example of Everything

[Alert Field]

Use this field to display a TEMPORARY message about service changes, disruptions or any other change in detail that might not be otherwise noticed in all other fields.  Leaving alerts up long term or always having some form of alert up will reduce this field's effectiveness -- it's an ALERT, not a Message Of The Day.

[Lead Field] *Required*

This should be one to three brief sentences that really summarize the service.  It will be displayed at the beginning of the overview.  Treat this as if this were the only sentences that a user will actually read, so be concise.  This lead text is also picked as a "short description" when used as part a list of services in a category.

[Description Field] *Required*

Use this field to add to the story of the service.  A paragraph or three would be good.  Bullet lists can be used for emphasis. Hyperlinking to resources that explain broad topics or technical jargon are encouraged.



[Features Field] *Required*

  • This field is almost always a bullet list of the service features.
  • Try to list each feature of the service in a short sentence, preferably as one line.
  • Avoid jargon when possible and feel free to hyperlink to term explanations. 

Get Started

[Getting Started Field] *Required*

A combination of sentences, paragraphs and bullet lists that briefly explain how someone would get started using this service.  Save links to documentation for the next field if they don't involve an active process to follow.

Learn More

[Learn More Field] *Required*

Sentences and lists linking to any explanatory material about the service.

  • Link to how things work.
  • Link to details about terminology.
  • Link to policy.
  • Links to HOW-TO guides and TechTeam articles.

For IT Professionals

[For IT Professionals]

This is an optional field (i.e. if you leave it empty, it won't show up) that can be used for material focused towards IT pros on campus.  Link to things of value to them, but expect general users of the service to ignore this area.

This is a good location for any links to guides written with IT pros in mind.  Jargon and acronyms are welcome here!

Not what you're looking for?

[Not what you're looking for? Field]

This field is optional.

If you have any experience of users being confused with this service and another service(s) with a similar name or purpose, put a link here to that service(s) to guide them to the proper offering.



Mandatory bullet with as much detail as is needed to set the correct expectations.

  • Students, Faculty, and Staff


Mandatory bullet explaining what you will need to access this service.

  • A valid UVM NetID is required to access this. 


The above text is currently hardcoded into the theme.  This system is not yet defined or approved by the Information Security Office.  Ignore for now.


[Support Field]

  • Mandatory, and often just a bullet directing the user to contact the TechTeam for support.
  • If it is appropriate to contact a group directly, link to them here (form, email, phone, etc.) with a preference for a generic contact over an individual's name.


[Rates Field]

  • Mandatory and usually: No additional charge.
  • If a fee for service is involved, list simple fees or a link to a detailed fee explanation page.

Help and FAQs

The following reources are available for receiving support for this service.

[Help and Frequently Asked Questions Field]

Often just a link to the TechTeam's help request form.
If a proper FAQ exists, link it here even if it is referenced in previous fields.

See Also

[See Also Field]

Links to other related services, support services, and materials that may not be selected above.

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