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Bulk File Storage

Low-cost file storage for large data sets.

This service provides multi-terabyte scale network file storage for research data, archival data, backups, and other use cases which favor high capacity and data-integrity over throughput. Files are backed up via nightly snapshots for up to 90 days. Backed up files are recoverable on demand, or from an off-site replica in ETS' secondary data center.


  • Multi-terabyte file shares
  • Network access via CIFS (Windows) or NFS
  • Customizable access control lists (ACLs)
  • Dual 10 gigabit redundant network links
  • Daily backups w/ 30-90 day retention
  • Multi-level data redundancy
  • Automatic file integrity checking and repair
  • On-the-fly compression
  • Previous versions of files available via Windows Shadow Copy
  • Data stored on-campus

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Please contact the TechTeam for more information.

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  • Current Faculty, and Staff


  • A valid UVM NetID


  • Systems Architecture and Administration


  • $160 per terabyte (TB) for a 5 year period. Includes 30 days of backups.

Help and FAQs

The following reources are available for receiving support for this service.